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Cole Gardens is a smoke-free grounds


SunStick Home
How SunStick Home Helps
Finds the best location for your houseplant to flourish or choose the best plant for a particular spot in your home.

Easy-Make sure your houseplants have enough light to grow.

Accurate-Define the low, medium, and high light-intensity areas of your home.

Quick-Measure your light in minutes

How it works

Sunstick Home measures the foot candles -light intensity- in your house. 
Foot Candle Mearsurements
Low: 75 to 200 foot-candles
Medium: 200 to 500 foot-candles
High: 500 to 2000 foot-candles

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Cole Gardens Farmers Market
Interested in becoming a Vendor at the Winter Farmers Market at Cole Gardens? Apply here.

Stop in for eggs!  From our chickens in Loudon
Stop in for eggs!  From our chickens in Loudon